August 29, 2018 / Press Releases, Videos

Nelson goes up on air with massive statewide buy in English and Spanish

Orlando, FL — Today, the Nelson for Senate campaign launched its first statewide television ads, communicating with Floridians across the state in both Spanish and English. The two ads, “Oath” and “Juramento,” are part of a massive, statewide media buy that highlights Nelson’s public service from his days in the U.S. Army to the U.S. Senate.

“The ad says what Bill Nelson is all about and what he’s always stood for – treating public office as a public trust, something his opponent has failed to do,” said campaign spokesperson Carlie Waibel. “Bill Nelson is a fifth generation Floridian who gets up everyday and does his job of fighting for all Floridians.”

Nelson’s launching the ads after Rick Scott and his allies wasted over $40 million attacking him on TV without changing the race and with the campaign heading into the final two-month stretch.


From the day I took the oath in the military, to when I flew in space, to today in the Senate.
It’s been a privilege to serve our country.
I believe a public office is a public trust.
You’re there to serve the people, not the special interests.
Just wake up everyday and do what’s right.
If you know who you’re fighting for and you’re willing to put the politics aside, You can get a lot done.


Desde el día de mi juramento como teniente, hasta el día de hoy como Senador, ha sido un honor servir a nuestro país.
Yo creo que el servicio público es una confianza pública
Si nos enfocamos en el bienestar de la gente, no hay nada que no podamos lograr.
Soy Bill Nelson y apruebo este mensaje.