September 25, 2018 / Press Releases, Videos

Rick Scott’s beach access bill becomes issue in Senate race

Orlando, FL – When Republican voters in Walton County went to the polls last month’s primary, a large number voted for Rick Scott’s little known GOP challenger.

The vote signaled a growing discontent, even among Republican loyalists, over Scott’s signing of legislation that would restrict public access to some of Florida’s beaches to all but mostly wealthy private property owners.

On Tuesday, the Nelson for Senate campaign unveiled a new digital ad highlighting the issue in the U.S. Senate race. The ad, titled “Salty,” is an animated spot that takes a humorous look at a very serious issue.

The ad will be featured on various digital and social media platforms statewide.


Voiceover: Rick Scott wants to make it illegal to go to some of your favorite beaches.

Rick Scott also wants to be your senator.

Scott signed a bill making it harder, sometimes illegal to access Florida’s beaches.

His law lets rich property owners call the police on you for going to the same beaches you’ve gone to for years.

Scott’s law hurts tourism, hurts us.

Helps him and his rich friends.

If Rick Scott won’t protect you here, he definitely won’t protect you here.