November 2, 2018 / Press Releases

Obama rallies for Nelson, Gillum, Dems

MIAMI, Fla. – President Barack Obama rallied for U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson and the party’s gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum today in South Florida on the pivotal last leg of the campaign trail.

Obama spoke at an event in Miami to rally voters for Nelson, Gillum and other Democrats.

Obama has endorsed Nelson already and in his speech bashed Nelson’s opponent Rick Scott for his long-standing opposition to health care reform, and his recent lying about his position.


In his his endorsement of Nelson recently Obama said of Nelson: “He’s a person of honesty and integrity who treats public office as a public trust.”

“If you’re not a Democrat, you should still be voting for them,” Obama said. “We need leaders who will stand up for what’s right regardless of party, leaders who represent the best of the American spirt.”


“What this election comes down to is trust and honesty and it’s about who do you trust,” Nelson said. “Now more than ever, the country, indeed Florida, needs people that they can trust. We need leaders who know right from wrong.”

Tomorrow in West Palm Beach, Nelson will appear at a free concert with Jimmy Buffett who supports Nelson’s positions on protecting Florida’s environment.