September 12, 2018 / Press Releases, Videos

New ads highlight Scott’s poor job as governor, self-enrichment

Orlando, FL — U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson’s re-election campaign today launched two TV ads highlighting the poor job Rick Scott has done as governor and how he’s enriched himself while in public office.

Two 30-second spots began airing throughout Florida Wednesday morning.

One, called “Know,” highlights Scott’s failures as governor including how he enthusiastically gutted environmental regulations that caused the toxic algae crisis plaguing Florida.

The ad reminds people how Scott disgraced himself as a businessman whose company ripped off Medicare and U.S. taxpayers in one of the largest fraud schemes to date.  It also cites media investigations into how Scott reaped a half-billion-dollar windfall from investments he hid from the public.

The second spot, called “Amigos” – which is being broadcast on Hispanic media across Florida – reminds voters how Scott raised $20 million for President Trump’s election before Trump then recruited Scott to run for Senate.

Both ads assert that “you just can’t trust” Rick Scott.


Rick Scott can’t hide from the truth.
He was CEO of a company fined $1.7 billion dollars for Medicare fraud.
He gave political donors secret contracts after Hurricane Irma that cost taxpayers $30 million.
He cut education.
He denied healthcare.
It’s fair to blame Rick Scott for Florida’s toxic algae crisis.
He made half a billion dollars in one deal as governor and hid it from the public.
Rick Scott, you just can’t trust him.

“Amigos” (In English)

Tell me who you hang out with, and I will tell you who you are.
Rick Scott and Donald Trump are great/close friends/pals.
Scott raised $20 million to elect Trump. Then Trump recruited Scott to run for the Senate.
We need people to stand up to Donald Trump and his extreme agenda.
If Scott goes to Washington, he will do what Trump wants.
Rick Scott. We just can’t trust him.


“Amigos” (en Espanol)

Dime con quién andas, y te diré quién eres.
Rick Scott y Donald Trump son muy buenos amigos.
Scott recaudó $20 miliones de dólares para elegir a Trump, y ahora Trump quiere a Scott como Senador.
Necesitamos líderes luchen contra a Donald Trump y sus politicas extremas.
Si Scott llega a Washington…hará lo que Trump quiera.
No podemos confiar en el.