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Bill Nelson is a champion for Florida’s seniors, always working to protect the things seniors have spent their lives working for and deserve as he’s fought tirelessly to prevent cuts to Medicare and Social Security.

After the passage of the Republican tax bill that gave tax cuts to corporations and drove up the country’s national debt, programs like Medicare and Social Security are under attack, but Bill is standing up to the Republican leadership in Congress to protect health care and financial security for our seniors.

As seniors face rising drug prices, he is leading the fight in Congress to lower drug costs for older Americans and urged Senate leaders to close the gap in Medicare’s prescription drug coverage, known as the “donut hole,” by 2019 to help lower drug prices for Florida seniors.

More older Americans are seeing their Social Security benefits taken to pay for federal debts, like student loans. After working for years for these benefits and working to pay off student loans, Florida seniors are facing new cuts to their benefits. Bill introduced legislation and is working to protect Social Security, because this is a promise our country made to help care for older Americans.

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Things turned out a little differently than we had hoped, but I by no means feel defeated. Thank you to everyone who rallied to our cause. Never give up the fight. - Bill