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From protecting Medicare and Medicaid from cuts to working to keep drug prices low to ensuring Floridians with preexisting conditions have access to health care, Bill Nelson has been a tireless champion for Floridians.

As the Affordable Care Act faces new threats and Congress tries to sabotage the law that has helped millions of Floridians get health care, Bill is leading efforts to ensure those with preexisting conditions are not denied health care coverage. He has been on the frontlines to keep health care premiums low, especially as Congress works to repeal the health care law and drive up prices. Bill works across the aisle on solutions, such as a reinsurance fund to help stabilize the marketplace and reduce health care premiums.

When Floridians see the price of their prescription drugs rise, Bill fights to keep and improve the Affordable Care Act and to close the gap for Medicare coverage, also known as the donut hole, to lower costs for Florida’s seniors.

Bill Nelson is working every single day to improve access to health care, including the Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides thousands of Florida children access to affordable care.

Nelson was a lead sponsor of legislation to extend funding for CHIP and fiercely advocated for full funding of the program to help Florida kids.

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Things turned out a little differently than we had hoped, but I by no means feel defeated. Thank you to everyone who rallied to our cause. Never give up the fight. - Bill