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From holding multi-billion dollar corporations accountable to cracking down on criminal fraudsters, Bill Nelson is a leader in protecting consumers.

When companies have collected and used consumers’ personally identifiable information for their own profit or violated privacy rules, Bill has called for investigations, led congressional hearings to ensure technology companies and other corporations are honoring and respecting the privacy of American consumers and securing their data.

Bill is leading comprehensive data security legislation that would protect consumers’ personal information and ensure they have control over how their information is collected and used.

In putting consumers first, he has fought to protect Floridians from dangerous products on the shelves and keep automobiles with safety defects off the roads. As a champion of the Motor Vehicle Safety Act, Bill is working to hold auto company executives accountable when they hide flaws and safety defects from the public. And as the world moves toward automation and autonomous vehicles, Bill helped craft a regulatory framework that ensures manufacturers prioritize safety and properly communicate the capabilities of the vehicles.

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Things turned out a little differently than we had hoped, but I by no means feel defeated. Thank you to everyone who rallied to our cause. Never give up the fight. - Bill